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US production Travel/Wine series, 5 X 30 minutes, A wine lover’s delight. Felix Mendez takes us on a tour of  5 wine regions in Spain. Visiting new winemakers rescuing old grapes and  100+ year old  vineyards to make out-of-the-ordinary wines. Felix also visits and tastes artisanal food made by local producers. Next season Felix will visit the “Wine Outsiders” in France'.

His journey begins in Spain, a country he knows very well and loves. His partner in Spain is Aitor Menchaca. A few years ago, Aitor decided to rescue old vineyards near Madrid, the country’s capital. His first vintage has already proven to be a great success.


With Aitor, they go in search of other Wine Outsiders. We meet these risk-takers that are making unique wines. We get to know their vineyards, cellars, and lives and learn what drove them to search for these dreams. And, of course, we get to taste their wines.
Along the way, we also find unique places and people who are passionate about their land. Farmers, ranchers, chefs, musicians, and artisans. It’s a 360-degree journey that encompasses every site we visit, discovering organic and local products.

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