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Visions of Rock is a show about a small-town band with big dreams that made it all the way from playing the back-street bards to going on an opening act for one of the rock and roll's biggest bands. This fast-paced, quick-written dialogue with colorful characters; set in the world of rock and roll music is a story about the underdog, who sets out in search of something bigger. 

Underneath the hilarious, sometimes adolescent tales about rock and roll is a powerful human-interest story that tackles timeless themes of ambition, loyalty, redemption, second chances, self-doubt, non-fulfillment, sacrifice, failure and never giving up on your dream. 

We see the story through the eyes of our band Vizions of Rock, who is the bar's house band. Each episode will feature SEVERAL GUEST BANDS that are written into the show as they play alongside our house band at the bar on that night's lineup. The 2-4 new guest bands each episode bring with them their social media networks, creating a cross-marketing scenario between the bands and the series. 

Vizions of Rock will bring you behind the music to a magical venue; the bar where the series takes place. When you walk into our bar you will notice the air is electric. It is a place where a rainbow of floodlights burns a pathway down through the smoky dark air... Onto a 1,000 people who chant in unison.... every singing word to a song that a band on stage paints with their soul.

This magical place, where dreams are fought for every night, is where our characters live: musicians, roadies, audio engineers, groupies, managers, label heads, promoters, record professionals, drug dealers, drunks, and the average fan out for a fun night and good music. Vizions of Rock will challenge our audience to reflect upon their own lives, while jamming to some great music.

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