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Keepers of the key

A 500 - year - old alien war is set to ravage on modern day planet Earth in 292 days. Started on a long since dead planet and brought to Earth thousands of years ago by two alien factions:

The Keepers of the Key (AKA Protectors of the Earth) living peacefully within the human race opposed by the Vairinax, an evil race, commanded by a vengeful king imprisoned deep below the rocks of Stonehenge, who wants to annihilate humanity and the Keepers and take over Stonehenge. The Vairinax have been fighting the Keepers for the Key to control Stonehenge, the gate possesses immense power.  A Vairinax victory would mean an end of humanity and the destruction of Earth.

Stonehenge is the gateway to intergalactic worlds and an impenetrable prison that protects Earth from alien doom. Every 5,000 years the gate opens, and horrific events follow, and that time is near. On that fateful day, the brutal Vairinax King trapped under Stonehenge, commanding his millions of seven-foot genetically enhanced warriors will rise and battle with the fury of thousands of suns to take back their planet to conquest Earth.

The soldiers, spies, and double agents of the Keepers and Vairinax possess supernatural powers and technologies far more advanced than that of the human beings that they live among.

The Keepers fight to protect the wellbeing of the “Key” to the gate of Stonehenge, the most secure prison ever created to lock out evil aliens from far off worlds, while the Vairinax human-like double agents comb the conscious and unconscious minds of Earth, tirelessly searching for the one being that is the true “Keeper of the Key”, who alone controls Stonehenge Gateways and with it their moment for Vairinax Warriors to enter and conquer!

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