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Chokehold - The Movie

Synopsis by Eddy Mansfield

Thirty-four-year-old Cliff Lambert, aka the Continental Lover or CL, has been in the professional wrestling business for 12 years. Growing up he was told he would never amount to anything by his father. That psychological hurt spurred CL to work hard and succeed in every sport growing up. Now, he is determined to hold on to his wrestling career and prove to the world that he is the best but knows that it will soon end abruptly if he does not stop the most hated and sleaziest wrestling promoter of all time, Nick Burnett. For years Nick has promised the wrestlers fame and fortune and instead he is stolen their hard-earned money, leaving many of them barely making ends meet and not able to support their families. 


The Continental Lover’s girlfriend is thirty-two-year-old Terry Chapman. She and CL met at the home of his brother, Ron Lambert, two years earlier and although she does not like what CL does for a living, she loves him so much that she put her nursing career on hold to be close to him. She is classy and smart.


CL and the other wrestlers work hard every night in the ring to give the fans what they want. As time goes on, CL grows suspicious of Nick. Nick Burnett seems to know what every wrestler says inside every locker room. He turns this to his advantage and holds certain guys back while he promotes others who do not have the athletic ability or skills. CL is due to win the championship belt but repeatedly Nick holds the belt away from him.


Nick hates CL and he knows he cannot allow CL to figure out what he has been doing. He ‘hires’ Missy Katz to lure CL into an intimate and compromising situation. Nick catches it all on camera and knows exactly who needs to see it.

When the tape shows up at CL’s home, Terry immediately watches it. She cannot believe that CL would betray her with another woman. She does the only thing she knows she has to do. She packs her bags and flies back to L.A. to resume her nursing career. No amount of talking on the phone convinces Terry to give CL another chance. Ron sees how much CL is hurting and how much he loves Terry, so he flies to L.A. without CL’s knowledge and convinces Terry that the tape was a set up to destroy CL. 


In the meantime, with or without Terry by his side, CL takes on what will be his last match with his tag team partner, Sledgehammer Jackson, for the sole purpose of taking Nick down! The match is wild, the crowd cannot contain themselves and CL and Sledgehammer are victorious. 


Terry suddenly surprises CL and walks into the ring in her wedding dress where the wedding ceremony takes place for the entire world to see. At the wedding reception in the locker room that night CL and promoter Big Daddy distribute piles of money they found in Nick’s office to the well deserving wrestlers. Everyone is happy and the champagne flows.

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